Let the MiM help you own the close:

The MrTopStep Closing Imbalance Meter (MiM) is an early real-time daily indication of how the markets are shaping up going into the close.
Access to this data is exclusive to our premium members and is just $99 per month.
During the last two hours of the NYSE market, floor traders are busy gathering and assembling floor imbalance data and presenting a view to our members that is both revealing and unique. It is arguable that the close is the most important trade of the day as it is a point in time where all the buyers and sellers for the day must be satisfied. It is a forced auction unlike intra-day trading.


Using our Daily SnapShots will help you develop a sense and a feel for the close.

In one month I learned more about the mechanics of the close than in my previous 8 years of trading. Those closing moves make so much more sense now seeing the mechanics of what is actually happening live. Marlin Cobb - RedlionTrader