Let the MiM help you own the close:

The MrTopStep imbalance Meter (MiM) is a tool for discovering how the opening and closing auction on the NYSE is developing.   Each day, as the largest equities market in the world opens and closes, large liquidations and purchases are done.  These transaction can have a dramatic effect on price action. 
Access to this data is exclusive to our premium members and is just $99 per month.
During the last two trading hours of the NYSE market, our team of floor traders are busy gathering and assembling floor imbalance data and presenting a view to our members that is both revealing, unique and exclusive. It is arguable that the close is the most important trade of the day as it is a point in time where all the buyers and sellers for the day must be satisfied. It is a forced auction with price discovery between bullish and bearish forces.  It is unlike intraday price discovery.

With our new Version 2.0 we have more data, more time and lower fees.  Win, win, win.

 7-3-2015 7-39-54 AM

Our newly redesigned real-time meter yields a quick glance view of the current readings of all the NYSE imbalances in our dataset.

7-3-2015 7-40-41 AM
The symbols are broken down into their indexes so we can see the effect on each index. 

7-3-2015 7-40-58 AM

Timed snapshots with a heat map allow guick view of the trend of the imbalance, both coming into the open and the close.

7-3-2015 7-41-08 AM

Our leader-board shows you to top 5 symbols that have the largest dollar value imbalance, the largest selling, and the largest volume pressure.