On the MiM:



Nada on the MiM.  It made the chat alpha testing a bit awkward but hopefully today we will see some more action at the closing auction.  Be part of a small open house chat test, if you have a Firefox or Chrome browser let me know if you can get in to http://chat.fortunesrocks.me and access the MiM and hear me drone on.

If you have streaming issues, please let me know.  info@mrtopstep.com

Date Of Signal Direction x:00 Entry/Close x:20 Entry/Close x:30 Entry/Close
5/6/2014 Long 1.88 (xx:20) -- --
5/8/2014 Long 3.11 (xx:40) 1.24 (xx:40) --
5/9/2014 Long -- 2.72 2.50
5/13/2014 Long   0.26 0.20
Total   4.99 4.22 2.70


If you want to join the meter readers you can go to: Join the MiM